Yardley equestrian inspires others through ‘Plant a Seed’ Foundation

If you were to meet Erin Torbert, within a few minutes of conversation, you would be able to conclude that she is an average 24-year old woman balancing a full-time job with a social life. If you were to dig a little deeper, you’d soon realize that unlike most 24-year old women, Erin’s full-time job includes managing a major portion of her family’s business, Cambria Stables.

Built on 107 acres of farmland in Yardley, Cambria Stables was formed in 2001 by John Torbert on his family-owned farm with the purpose of acting as a boarding facility for local horse owners in the Bucks County area. Now, more than nine years later, Cambria Stables still offers boarding for horses, in addition to open houses, riding lessons and summer camps. The additional services can be credited to Erin Torbert.

Erin has been working part-time at Cambria Stables since its inception, and started working full-time teaching riding lessons, planning open houses and running summer camp every year since 2003. Because of the implementation of these additional services, awareness of Cambria Stables has increased drastically; over 100 children have received riding lessons and attended the summer camp since they’ve been offered, helping to give the small family-owned business its great reputation.

Cambria Stables started working with the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation in 2009; Erin was contacted by founder Michele Rice and asked to provide riding lessons for a local 15-year old girl. The mission of the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation is to provide financially challenged children, between the ages of 8 and 21, the opportunity to pursue their passions while interacting with positive role models.

Once Erin learned about the charity and their mission, she was immediately onboard and worked out a plan that allowed the 15-year old to lease a horse for one year, take riding lessons and work at the camp. As she continued to progress at Cambria, Erin let her take on more responsibilities that paralleled her interests, which included helping with the upkeep of the barn and aiding in the open houses. Erin valued this young woman’s time at Cambria Stables and continues to reach out to her.

At the end of this month, Erin will take on two more Plant a Seed referrals at Cambria Stables; a 10-year old girl and a 16-year old girl both from Bucks County. Erin is looking forward to forming a bond with the girls and helping them in any way she can. Erin also wants to continue Cambria’s bond with Plant a Seed; she truly enjoys helping children enrich their lives through their passions. Her advice to any child is, “Don’t give up!” Erin believes that by making the calls, offering to volunteer and putting in the work your efforts will not go unnoticed!

To learn more about the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation, please visit www.plantaseedfoundation.org. To donate, please visit http://plantaseed.wpengine.com/involved/ and choose the “donate” option.

If you have any questions regarding the foundation, please contact Michele Rice at Michele@plantaseedfoundation.org.