Updates on our Scholarships


November 2022

Kareem earned his brown belt and couldn’t be prouder!

Vincent and Marsilio

October 2022

Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream has renewed art scholarships for Vincent and Marsilio. These talented young men will continue taking weekly lessons at Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bristol. Congratulations!


October 2022

Congratulations, Rick! Enjoy hip hop at Motion and Dance. We're so proud of you.


September 2022

Congratulations, Aleana! We know how excited you are to start dance at Downstage Dance Center today!! Loved meeting you and your mom.


September 2022

Nyah just renewed her Plant a Seed scholarship for art classes at Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bristol. She's a talented young lady who excels academically as well as artistically. Congratulations, Nyah!


June 2022

Congratulations to 13-year-old Angelina! This wonderful young lady will be participating in Cheer at Cheer Militia. So happy for you, Angelina.


June 2022

Congratulations Sana’a on your incredible accomplishments!!

May 2022

PAS is so proud of our girls at Cheer Militia!!!


April 2022

Kareem at the A toon Tournament receiving his first medal.

Tavion and Malachi

April 2022

Tavion and Malachi are Plant a Seed’s newest scholarship recipients. They are taking Martial Arts lessons at Achievement Unlocked Martial Arts in Bensalem. Congratulations!!


March 2022

Payton at Dynasty Elite in Philadelphia.


January 2022

The Plant a Seed Foundation is so proud of Divinity. She just graduated to her 10th belt- blue belt. She is now the rank of Cho Dan Bo.

Thank you Newtown Karate Academy for helping Divinity attain this level of skill.



January 2022

“I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with my daughter on her cheer season! We went to a cheer competition this weekend and being able to watch her do what she's great at, I have to say thank you from the both of us!" – Makayla's Mom


November 2021

Kareem received his purple belt tonight and he was so excited. Here's a short video of him getting his belt and his photo.


August 2021

Plant a Seed is happy to award a karate scholarship to 12 year old Kareem. He is participating in lessons at Action Karate Chalfont. Congratulations, Kareem!!


August 2021

Angel is passionate about Cheerleading. With the support of the Plant a Seed Foundation she will be able to continue to follow her dreams at Dynasty Spirit Elite. Congratulations, Angel!!


July 2021

Congratulations, Max! Everyone at Plant a Seed is so proud of the all the hard work you have put in to become a black belt. There is no doubt that your dream of becoming a detective one day will happen!!!


July 2021

We are so proud of Julian!! Plant a Seed has supported his dream of becoming a martial arts instructor since 2015. He was recently promoted to an assistant and no longer needs our financial support. We have truly loved working with Julian and his amazing mom. This is what's it all about!!! Congratulations, Julian


July 2021

The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation has awarded a scholarship to fifteen year old Daniel. He will be attending Code Ninjas in Yardley where he will be able to follow his passion for computers and coding. Congratulations, Daniel!!

Saahryah & Nymirah

June 2021

Saahryah currently attends boxing with Maleek Jackson in Philadelphia and Nymirah had participated in karate through the support of PAS.

“Since you've been a part of Nymirah's life for a while I forgot to share with you Nymirah graduated high school. She started college early while in high school since she got done early and is close to her associates and will pursue her bachelors degree. And Saahryah graduated middle school. Thank you to you and your husband for all the both of you do/did to aid in their lives." – Saahryah & Nymirah's mom, Ciera


June 2021

Plant a Seed has been supporting Julian's passion for the past 6 years. He’s 15 years old now.

“I’m Julian, I just want to say thank you so much for paying for my test and now I finally earned my advanced 2nd degree black belt. The reason why I didn’t earn my third degree black belt is that I have to be somewhere in the ages of 16/17 to earn my belt. Thank you again and today was my graduation."


May 2021

Sana'a at a recent dance competition.

“Just checking in and wanted to say thanks so much for helping Sana'a and I with her dance school bill!" – Sana'a's Mom

Nigel & Nyah

January 2021

Nigel and Nyah have been taking art classes thanks to their scholarships.

“I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and Plant A Seed. If it wasn't for you I would not be able to make it possible for either Nigel or Nyah to attend art class. Thank you!" – Nigel & Nyah's Mom


January 2021

Vinny has been taking art classes at Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bristol thanks to his scholarship.

“Vinny has grown leaps and bounds. This is a picture of Robert Pattinson Edward Cullin/Batman. Marsi is leaving Sonic behind for a bit and trying a few new animations. He is our abstract character drawing.

I am forever grateful for the scholarships you grant my 2 boys. If there is anything I can do for Plant A Seed please never hesitate." – Vinny's Mom


December 2020

Congratulations to 12 year old Jbreel. He will be participating in martial arts at Action Karate in Philadelphia. He is a great kid with a beautiful smile!!


October 2020

Thirteen year old Joseph is learning coding at Code Ninjas in Yardley. He hopes to turn his passion into a career someday. Congratulations Joey!


October 2020

Thirteen year old Kasey will be riding at Heaven's Gate in Pipersville. She is thrilled to be able to pursue her passion for horses! Congratulations Kasey!


March 2020

The Plant a Seed Foundation is happy to award a cheer scholastic to 10 year old Riley. She will be participating in cheerleading at Cheer Militia All Star Cheerleading in Levittown. Congratulations, Riley!


February 2020

Arianna has been granted a scholarship for voice lessons to pursue her interest in singing at Bensalem School of Musical Arts. Congratulations Arianna!

Nigel and Nyah

February 2020

Nigel and Nyah have a passion for art. They received scholarships for art lessons at Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bensalem. Congrats to both!


The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation is happy to award an art scholarship to Sandra. She is a multi talented young lady and she will be participating in art classes at Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bristol. Congratulations, Sandra!


The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation has awarded a scholarship to 12 year old Preston. He will be taking boxing lessons at Keystone Boxing and MMA in Bristol with owner Jose Tilapa. Congratulations, Preston!

Alexis & Aaron

The Plant a Seed Foundation has just renewed 13 year old Alexis' scholarship for another year. She will continue to take clarinet lessons with Malinda Helverson. Younger brother Aaron was recently approved for a PAS scholarship. He will be taking trumpet lessons. What a musical family! Congrats to both.


Plant a Seed is proud to award a dance scholarship to Sana'a. This bright, beautiful and engaging young lady will be participating in dance classes at Motion N Dance in Philadelphia. Congratulations, Sana'a!

Jake & Emma

Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream is proud to renew scholarships for siblings Jake and Emma. Jake will continue to participate in Karate at Amerikick and Emma will continue guitar lessons at DeLuca Music.


Carlie will be participating in Gymnastics at Bucks Gymnastics Center in Levittown.


Kevin is taking karate lessons at Action Karate in North Wales.

Raheem & Elijah

Raheem and his brother Elijah are ecstatic about going to Blue Sky Art Studio in Bensalem.


Fifteen-year-old Symone has been attending Motion N' Dance in Philadelphia. She recently renewed her scholarship and will continue to participate in dance with the support of the Plant a Seed Foundation. This beautiful and sweet young lady looked absolutely beautiful when she performed at her dance recital this past June. Congratulations, Symone!


The Plant a Seed Foundation is thrilled to award a musical scholarship to a very talented young man. Andre not only plays piano and ukele, but he writes his own music and sings as well! He will be working with Pup at Sway Records.


Allie just renewed her scholarship for voice lessons. She loves to sing and never misses a lesson. Allie will be working with Miranda Smith, a graduate of Westminster Choir College.

Vincent & Marsilio

The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation is proud to renew art scholarships for Vincent and Marsilio. They will continue to take lessons at Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bristol. Congratulations!


Benjamin is our newest scholarship recipient. He is an awesome young man who is passionate about karate. He is attending the leadership program at Action Karate in South Philly.


Morgan also renewed her scholarship. This is her second renewal for cheer. Morgan will continue at Dynasty Elite in Philadelphia through the support of the Plant a Seed Foundation.


Thirteen year old Jimmy renewed his PAS scholarship for the third time! He will continue taking horseback riding lessons at Special Equestrians in Warrington.

Berry Family

Congratulations to the Berry family. The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation has awarded scholarships to 13-year-old Andrew and 10-year-old twins, Samir and Samirah. Andrew will be involved in boxing at Maleek Jackson's Boxing Studio in Northern Liberties and Samir and Samirah will be participating in karate at Amerikick in Philadelphia. We are so proud of these wonderful kids!


Congratulations to Payton! The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation has renewed Payton’s second scholarship for cheer. She will continue to participate in cheer at Dynasty Elite in Philadelphia. So proud of you, Payton!!


Samantha's first trumpet lesson at Music Forte in Levittown. The Plant a Seed Foundation has arranged for her lessons as well as the trumpet rental. Follow your dreams, Samantha!!


Twelve year old Payton attends Cheer at Dynasty Elite All Star Cheer and Dance in Philadelphia. Her team just placed FIRST in a recent event. Plant a Seed is so proud of you and the other girls!!!