Chanel – Age 15

This evening Jade completed her first “year” of gymnastics. I can’t thank you enough for the generosity Plant A Seed has bestowed upon my daughter. During her time at Delco Training Center, I had the privilege of watching my daughter blossom. She gained some much needed confidence in herself as a person, her appearance, her abilities, and even in her academics. She now walks with her head up high and is more willing to try new things. Prior to her enrollment, Jade constantly doubted herself. She spent her time comparing herself to her brother and always felt she lived in his shadow. However, now she has something to be proud of. She now feels accomplished, and she is now building her own goals separate from him. Jade is a much happier person, and I owe that to the opportunity you gave you Jade.

As I sit here typing this email, my eyes are filled with tears because I never realized how much of a healthy impact gymnastics would have on my daughter. While Plant A Seed is focused on inspiring dreams, I want you to know that you are doing so much more than just that. You are helping children gain a sense of self-worth, and you are teaching them that their goals, no matter how big, are not determined by their economic status. All children deserve equal opportunities to be happy, explore, and succeed.