Khayyiel – Age 15

Hello, my name is Khayyiel and you guys have just opened up a new door for me. I have always wanted to have dance lessons ever since I was little. I have danced in many talent shows and joined other activities that have had dancing in them but never thought it was enough. I have a talent for dancing and I have been told that I have a gift. I am very passionate about dancing and have always been. When my mother told me that I was going to dance classes, I was very excited and I thanked her. She then told me to not to thank her, but to thank Plant A Seed. When I asked her what was Plant A Seed, she told me all about you guys. I want to let you know that I am highly grateful for your service. I think it is very generous that you guys are giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am in the 8th grade and now is the time for me to get serious about my dancing career.