The thanks and appreciation we receive from our PAS scholarship recipients and their families, drives us to move forward and continue to grow PAS everyday. Below are some amazing thank you’s we have received, each one shows a direct effect a Plant a Seed scholarship has had on the lives of the recipient. Please take a moment to read through our thank you notes, we hope they tug at your heart strings the way they have ours.

Jazilynn- Age 20

Hello, this is Jazilynn Haley I’m not sure if you guys remember me but I want to say thank you so much for helping me with dance at the barn studio of dance in Souderton! It has meant so much to me growing up dance grew onto me and now I am going to pursue my career when I graduate this June to still dance. Unfortunately, we just closed our studio down last January due to girls from our studio leaving unexpectedly so I haven’t been in dance since then. But I will be going to a new studio finally after looking for a year I found my old teacher from dance she has a studio now!! I would like to thank you guys again for making me happy and thank you for helping me do what I love which is dance!! Thank you again so much it meant the world to me.

Mursell – Age 17

Plant a Seed has given me the opportunity to go to karate for 2 years. Being in karate has helped me to overcome my attention deficit hyper active disorder. It has also helped me with my low self esteem. I went for a couple of months and my mom couldn’t afford the lessons anymore so I had to quit. I always wanted to go back. Then my mom was given info about the Plant a Seed scholarship and the opportunity to go opened up again. So far I have been there for 2 years. I started as a yellow belt and made it all the way to my red/black belt, which is two belts away from the black belt and it takes a lot of work and training to get this far. Mr. Brenner has helped me know that I can do anything I put my mind to. Every week, he teaches the class a new technique and we do a lot of exercising. Being in karate has helped me to focus on my classes in school and I’m doing a lot better since I started karate. I am a senior and when I finish school, I want to go to college and study art. If I didn’t go to karate, I wouldn’t even be thinking about college because I wasn’t doing that good in school until Plant a Seed gave me the opportunity to take karate classes at Action Karate and learn how to focus and help me with my self esteem.

Faith – Age 14

Thank you for all you have done and for helping me live my dream! Thank you for helping me with my costumes and most of all for being there for someone who loves to dance! Thank you sooooooooo much!! I hope you help other young dancers like me! Without you I wouldn’t have dance.

Chatika – Age 15

I want to thank you for your assistance throughout the season with Cheer Elite. Cha-Tika & Naieta appreciate your help with their uniforms as well. They were able to attend 3 successful competitions along with other local performances My girls embarked on a bitter sweet life learning experience while working on team building and establishing other challenging skills such as tumbling, dance choreography and cheer. If we didn’t have your assistance we may not have known or been aware of other great opportunities that this season offered us. Plant a Seed Foundation is our all-time greatest! Keep doing all that you do! You are making great impressions and stepping stones in our lives and I am sure in others.

Chanel – Age 15

This evening Jade completed her first “year” of gymnastics. I can’t thank you enough for the generosity Plant A Seed has bestowed upon my daughter. During her time at Delco Training Center, I had the privilege of watching my daughter blossom. She gained some much needed confidence in herself as a person, her appearance, her abilities, and even in her academics. She now walks with her head up high and is more willing to try new things. Prior to her enrollment, Jade constantly doubted herself. She spent her time comparing herself to her brother and always felt she lived in his shadow. However, now she has something to be proud of. She now feels accomplished, and she is now building her own goals separate from him. Jade is a much happier person, and I owe that to the opportunity you gave you Jade. As I sit here typing this email, my eyes are filled with tears because I never realized how much of a healthy impact gymnastics would have on my daughter. While Plant A Seed is focused on inspiring dreams, I want you to know that you are doing so much more than just that. You are helping children gain a sense of self-worth, and you are teaching them that their goals, no matter how big, are not determined by their economic status. All children deserve equal opportunities to be happy, explore, and succeed.

Khayyiel – Age 15

Hello, my name is Khayyiel and you guys have just opened up a new door for me. I have always wanted to have dance lessons ever since I was little. I have danced in many talent shows and joined other activities that have had dancing in them but never thought it was enough. I have a talent for dancing and I have been told that I have a gift. I am very passionate about dancing and have always been. When my mother told me that I was going to dance classes, I was very excited and I thanked her. She then told me to not to thank her, but to thank Plant A Seed. When I asked her what was Plant A Seed, she told me all about you guys. I want to let you know that I am highly grateful for your service. I think it is very generous that you guys are giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am in the 8th grade and now is the time for me to get serious about my dancing career.